Amusnet interns collaborating during an internship course.

Internship Program

Our Internship Program presents a comprehensive series of internal trainings that span a multitude of tech stacks, including Java, JavaScript, Game Animation, Quality Assurance (QA), DevOps, etc. 

Each module is crafted to empower you with practical skills and knowledge that will solidify your theoretical foundation but also bridge any gaps in essential areas such as concurrency, design patterns, algorithms, and much more. 

Amusnet interns collaborating during an internship course.

All trainees are offered а labor contract for the duration of the training and get paid for learning! You’ll also receive a company laptop for your training needs. 

Join our Internship Program and unlock the door to a future where possibilities are limitless, and your journey is filled with exciting challenges and rewarding experiences. We can’t wait to see you thrive within our vibrant tech community!

Success rate

Success story

Renowned for its intensity and depth of content, over the past two years, we’ve witnessed a significant interest, as most of the trainees have successfully embarked on their career journeys within our company, contributing their fresh perspectives and newly acquired skills to our dynamic team.

Angelina Yakimova commenting on career development at Amusnet

Angelina Yakimova

Junior Software
Engineer, Casino Division
Krasimir Kolchev speaking about Amusnet’s internships and academy

Krasimir Kolchev

Junior Software
Engineer, Casino Division

Why did you join Amusnet Academy?


To learn new technologies while launching my career as a software developer. 


To upgrade what I have learned so far.

Which programming discipline did you train in?





Which are the top 3 skills you gained from the internship?


  1. Accepting constructive criticism 
  2. Understanding technical terminology & principles 
  3. Communication skills 


  1. Communication 
  2. Team-working
  3. Self-management

Describe your professional journey after graduation.


My colleagues have been remarkable and I felt warmly welcomed into the team. I started to work on real projects after graduation. With each bug fix and feature I contributed, I grew impatient to see the final product released. It’s been almost a year since I began the internship, and soon, a game featuring my contribution is about to be released. I’m so excited. It’s an amazing experience to see people enjoy the product of your long hours of debugging, or even if it’s just a tiny feature you implemented. 


After graduation, I joined the Games BE Team and I am currently working on the development of new games and features. I enjoy working with a vibrant team of like-minded individuals. We share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on open-source projects. It is a reminder that in this ever-evolving field, learning never stops and this is the best part of my journey.

Give advice to the new interns joining the Academy.


My advice may sound cliché but I truly believe if you dream big and follow your passion, you’ll inspire people around and they will value you for who you are. 


My recipe consists of three main principles: work hard, ask questions, and create a good work-life balance.

Academy Benefits


Labor contract

What better way to jumpstart a career than being paid while you gain all the knowledge you need?

Tech-savvy culture

Tech-savvy culture

Inspiring your growth in an internationally recognized company that cherishes technology.

Company Events

Company events

Building a community that shares common values through team-building activities and local events.

Private health insurance

Private health

Prioritizing your well-being with comprehensive medical coverage for you and your loved ones.

Multisport card


Supporting your active lifestyle and encouraging a healthy work-life balance with 1000+ sports and relaxation facilities in the country.

Card for Public Transportation

Public transportation

Making your daily commute easier and more affordable, so you can focus on what matters most.

A man climbing on the career development stairs

IT career kickstart

Surround yourself with a network of motivated and caring colleagues who will help you take your first steps in your IT career.

Amusnet careers, benefits, technical expertise

Technical expertise

We are cultivating an environment where you will be able to build on your expertise not just by learning, but also by practicing your new skills.

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